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Fashion Team - Hair - Makeup - Stylist

As a high end fashion model, Cara Delevingne has worked with a variety of makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion houses, and stylists.  As she has transitioned into acting, there have been some that she prefers to work with on movie promotion tours and red carpet events.  

Hair - Mara Roszak

2016 MTV Movie Awards

2016 Cover Esquire UK

2016 Elle US

Mara Was responsible for Cara's new lob cut right before Comic Con


2016 Comic Com

Mara also works with Oscar winners Emma Stone and Brie Larson

Cara, Mara, Molly Stern and Agent Joe Izzi wrapping up the Paper Towns promo tour.

Make Up - Molly Stern

2015 Paper Towns Australia Premiere

2016 WMag

2016 Comic Con

Molly larking about with the paparazzi in Australia during the Paper Towns promo tour.  Molly also works closely with Reese Witherspoon.

Stylists - Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn RandM

R&M did every look for Cara's Suicide Squad Promo tour and also recently styled one of her Puma Campaigns.  They also work with Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani among others.


2016 Comic Con

2016 Suicide Squad London Premiere

2016 Suicide Squad New York Premiere

2106 Good Morning America appearance 

2016 Press Day NY

2016 Press Day NYC

2016 NYC night out

2016 Press Day NYC

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