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To celebrate the wildly indulgent MAGNUM Double, MAGNUM has produced a short film for the campaign. The 45-second film stars Delevingne and features Scott and a number of new Moschino characters (the beasts) brought to life by legendary animator Uli Meyer, who is most notable for his work on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Space Jam."  

The film is inspired by the wild and bold "Dare to go Double" attitude and that ultimate moment of pure indulgence and pleasure that comes from biting into the thick cracking chocolate and velvety, smooth ice cream of a decadent MAGNUM Double. The film sees the beasts star-struck while slyly attempting to get their paws on Delevingne's mouth-watering MAGNUM as she confidently struts through the city streets. The film can be viewed here.  

"What I love about this film is it's all about indulging in life's little pleasures," said Delevingne. "Plus, how could making a film with Jeremy Scott about ice cream not be awesome? Delicious from beginning to end."

"The collaboration with MAGNUM, from designing the beasts to directing the film has been beyond fun for me," said Scott. "Working with Cara was amazing, and being bold with fashion is something I try to bring to life in my work every day. Fashion is that element of expression that gives you pleasure and allows for you to show off your personality and attitude.  It's fun to be able to give people that outlet! I'm so excited for you to see what we'll be sharing in Cannes – watch out for the beasts!"

Once again, MAGNUM will be back at the Cannes International Film Festival this year to celebrate the "Unleash Your Wild Side" campaign.  Scott and Delevingne will join MAGNUM for another exciting reveal on May 18.

The evening of May 18 will see MAGNUM and Moschino collaborate yet again to host the hottest and wildest party on the Croisette, giving guests an evening of pure indulgence and pleasure in true "Unleash Your Wild Side" style. Stay tuned for more details on the A-list attendees and entertainment to come.  

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