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Cara Delevingne is currently in Uganda visiting a refugee camp as part of the United Nations Foundation.

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Since the end of 2013, Uganda has seen significant increase in the number of refugees crossing its borders from Sudan. The refugee population is in need of clothes, food, water, shelter and education among other things.

Girl Up is supporting adolescent girls by funding UN refugee Agency programs that ensure displaced girls get enrolled in school and have access to quality education.

Girl Up's support of UNHCR's programming for refugee girls' education has helped over 4,414 refugee girls in Uganda go to school.

According to @girlupcampaign instagram these refugee girls are waiting to be transported to a settlement at Kuluba Transition Center.   Fleeing violence in South Sudan, many of the girls had walked for seven days to reach Uganda and some were separated from family members along the way.  Despite their harrowing journeys, the girls remained optimistic and were looking forward to starting school at their new settlements.

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