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Toronto Farewell

Cara was hanging out in Toronto after the film, "Life in a Year," wrapped with friends Chloe Caillet and Eleanor Well's. She was pictured at Hooters with friends and fans.

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Movie Wrap

The Director of Life in a Year, Mitja Okororn posted a message on instagram about the movie wrapping.

  • mitjaokornAnd it's a WRAP!!!!! We made it!!!! ... After spending 34 days & nights with these two beautiful, weird, funny, hilarious and -- uber alles -- amazingly talented young actors and…

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Set Photos

Cara, her assistant Laura, pup pup, Leo, Jaden Smith and an adorable Hedge Hog on the set of Life in a Year.

May 10th, 2017

More set photos of Cara for the film Life in a Year, currently being shot in Toronto.

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Back on Set

A new look on set for Cara today, filming a Life in a Year in Toronto with Jaden Smith

May 4, 2017

More set photos with Jaden Smith today.

May 3, 2017

Cara back on set today in Toronto for Life in a Year.

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Life in a Year Set Photos

More of Cara on set for Life in a Year movie where she plays a dying girl (Isabelle) who's boyfriend Daryn (Jaden Smith) tries to give he an entire life in a year.  Filming is underway in Toronto Canada.

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On Set

Cara on set today in Toronto for a Live in a Year

Filming in Toronto

Cara has been filming at Ripley's Aquarium this weekend in Toronto for Life in a Year, she also posted an IG story from the aquarium with her father, Charles Delevingne.  Last night, she and Jaden Smith attended Chris D'Elia comedy show, he's also starring in the movie.  Today, she also visited Niag…

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Shaved Head

Cara posted an IG story of her head getting shaved for her role in Life in a Year where she plays a dying girl along side Jaden Smith. Paparazzi got her out and about later in the day.

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Life in a Year Set

Cara and Jaden Smith on set today of their film a Life in a Year in Toronto, Canada

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Cara posted an IG story of the Church Street Mural project today from Toronto and has been spotted this week around the LGBT oriented enclave gay village walking her dog.  Cara is in Canada filming her new movie "Life in a Year," with Jaden Smith.


Nina Long, The Best Man alum is ta…

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Movie News

Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne are attached to a new project from Director Mitja Okorn.  "Life in A Year" written by Jeffrey Addiss & Will Matthews is slated to shoot April 10 through May 25 in Toronto, Canada.   The Overbrook Entertainment's production (owned by Will Smith) stars Jaden Smith a…

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